Steve Parker

Steve is a film, TV, stage and voice actor based out of Adelaide in South Australia. Recent credits include ‘Danger 5‘ for SBS and ‘The Lost Tools of Henry Hoke‘ and ‘Anzac Girls‘, both for the ABC.

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Twitter – @SteveParkerGSS

Random Pic

Steve YoungThis might be the youngest surviving pic of Steve. Already a goofball at age 9 – circa 1986. 


The Steve on Film page has been updated with a new showreel

The website has been updated with ‘Steve’s Audio Collection‘, where you can catch up on some of his favourite bits and bobs from various projects and shows over the years.

The Website now has a new page for Steve’s Commercial Work for those interested in his Voice Over experience.

All episodes of Danger 5 are now available to view on Netflix.

The website has been updated with a ‘Theatre History‘ section for those interested in Steve’s meteoric rise to obscurity. The Radio version is also available and is probably a bit funnier.